Quanstruct | Abbey Wood Crossrail Station
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Abbey Wood Crossrail Station

About This Project

The railway line and the Harrow Manor Way flyover currently dominate the local environment, dividing Abbey Wood and making it difficult for pedestrians to get around the area. The new Crossrail station and the urban realm improvements will lead to significant improvements and make it much easier for local people to get from one side of the railway to the other.

Key to the design of the new station is its integration with the elevated flyover, Harrow Manor Way. The station building is being built over the railway where the two new Elizabeth line tracks terminate and the existing Southeastern lines continue on through.

A granite-paved pedestrian concourse will link the new station with the flyover providing significantly better links with local bus services. From here the station building is shaped both to swoop down to platform level below, but also to link radically transformed civic spaces to either side at ground level.

From above, the station is shaped like a manta ray, its zinc-surfaced ‘wings’ extending into canopies sheltering staircases either side. Lifts emerge as architectural features flanking the station forecourt.

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